The little ones have invented their own characters for the SUPERZINGS series 5! Here we show you his work!

1. Picker

2. Spanner

3. Cardboard box

4. DVD

5. Superhero mask

6. Butane bottle

7. Currency and ticket

8. Christmas ball

9. Digging shovel

10. Crown

11. CD and vinil

12. Magic wand and hat

13. Ice cube and sun

14. Bamboo and panda

15. Mobile and tablet

16. Sunflower

17. Bomb

18. Kiwi and knife

19. Dish

20. Flag

21. Ray and twister

22. Tinsel

23. Mixer

24. Espaguetis

25. Microwave

26. Match

27. Streetlight

We remind you that in CARA BIN BON BAND we have composed the Superzings song and developed its video game.

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