In what appears to be the newest ultra rare from series 6, episode 49 of the Superzings cartoon series appears.

This is MAX, MR’s personal assistant. KING, an enigmatic character who has already appeared on several occasions, but to whom we have never seen the face.

A photo has recently been leaked online, showing what may possibly be the first unshaded image of this character.

It is a photo with very little quality, and it is not possible to guess which object MAX represents, but if some of its characteristics are revealed.

The most striking of all, that half of his body is blue, like KID KAZOON and the other red, like KID FURY, he also has a white eye, hero and another yellow, villain … Is it the first hero-villain of the collection?

If so, this character reminds us a lot of PHASE, the ultra rare that we invented in CARA BIN BON BAND for series 4 of SUPERZINGS and that you can see at this link: SUPERZINGS SERIES 4 INVENTED BY CARA BIN BON BAND

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One, two, three, FACE BIN BON BAND!

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