Hello CARA BIN BIN BAND fans! Welcome to our channel!

As we already anticipated in a previous video, there will be no series 6 of Superzings, instead a new very special installment will be launched, SUPERTHINGS SECRET SPIES.

It is an edition with a great novelty, they have original spies that we do not know if they are heroes or villains because they wear glasses and do not let us see the color of their eyes.
Only by dipping them in hot water can we discover if they are white and are heroes, or yellow and are villains.

In this new season, the dens are also recovered. In the launch image we can see that there are 8 models available and that they are stackable on top of each other as on previous occasions.

Finally, we show you the new vehicles, which this time have a hidden attack system!

We hope you like this new installment as much as we do and we invite you to subscribe to our channel!


One, two, three, CARA BIN BON BAND!

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